My art and my jewellery stand for liberation and freedom - "Peace, Love & Understanding”.
I was young in the 70s. I love rock music. The rhythm and the energy and the sense of freedom. Rock music is provocative and is not afraid to challenge norms.
As an artist and human being, I have to question and dare to break norms to evolve.
My portraits are showing my favorite artists, some of rock's greatest. And I was fortunate to become good friends with some of them some years ago. One of the rock world’s most prominent guitarists inspired me to start making jewellery. His "native American“ style, including feathers and arrows you will also find in my jewelry.
With my art I want to show that "Peace, Love & Understanding" never will be out of date and that the message might be needed now, more than ever.

Here on my webpage you can have a look at my art and jewellery and my brand new book with illustrated poems "No Man's Land".

If you want to buy art prints, silver jewellery or my book, check the Webshop.
To get in contact for illustrations or art, have a personal portrait made, or exhibit my art, send a personal mail to: katya.hastekstrom@gmail.com. or get in touch via Katya Arts FB page.